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Funeral Arrangements

Please Complete the form below:

Personal Details
Your Birth Details
Parents Information
Next of Kin
Marriage #1
Siblings (If deceased under 18)
Children - Type "D" and date of birth if deceased
Person responsible for Account
Details of Service
Funeral From
From which location/address will the funeral proceed from?
Cemetery/Crematorium Details
Complete this section if you have a family grave site, have purchased a grave site or have a preference for a grave site.
If known, please enter the reference number of the grave site.
Provide the name of clergy or celebrant if known.
Clergy/Celebrant Ph Number.
Please enter your religion if applicable.
Would you like to include any special funeral arrangements such as Balloons, Doves or Butterflies?
With many funerals there is usually at least one arrangement of flowers. If you would like flowers at the service, please mention your preferences here. E.g. Favourite flower/s, type of arrangement (wreath or other).
Would you prefer guests at the funeral to provide a donation to a favoured charity rather than bring flowers?
If yes to Donations, please provide the name of the charity here.
If you have a preference for a particular coffin, please enter the model name here. Click here to see available models.
If you would like a Crucifix or Cross as a decorative detail of the coffin, please select your preference below.
Would you like the Rosary said at the funeral service?
Would you like us to arrange a coach for the immediate family?
Type of Service
Is this to be an RSL Service?
Is this to be a Freemason's service
E.g. 'Family Members', or specific names.
If you have a preference for clothing items to be dressed in, please list these here along with any other details regarding arrangement of clothing.
If you have any preferences for jewellery to be worn, please list those items here.
Provide details of catering requirements if known.
If you have any favourite or preferred bible verses you would like read at the service, p;ease list those here.
Would you like a bookmark created for this service as a momento for the guests?
Order of Service
Music 1
At what point in the service should this music be played?
Music 2