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Special Funeral Arrangements

Special Arrangement Funerals - Heritage & Heritage Funerals

Imagine a funeral for you or your loved one.  Do you want it to be a Traditional funeral service, a Celebration of Life, a Memorial Service or a non-attendance cremation or burial?

With every funeral there are many different considerations and traditions to think about.  A funeral can be as elaborate or as simple as required, everyone has different circumstances and ideas.  At Heritage & Heritage we can accommodate all kinds of services.

Some of the special funeral arrangements could include but not be limited to:

Butterfly releases
Dove releases
Balloon releases
Coloured coffins
Photo presentations
Individualised coffins
Life symbols
Flower placing ceremonies
Candle lighting
Horse drawn carriage
Bag pipes
RSL Service
Freemasons Service

Times have changed.  Funerals no longer have to take place in a church or chapel.  If there is a place that is important to you or your family then the service can take place there (permission may be required) for example:

In a garden
School hall
In a Gazebo
At Home
Reception centres
Community Hall
Football clubs
Nursing homes
Sporting arenas



“Limitations live only in our minds. If we use our imaginations, all the possibilities we dream of become reality.”