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Our Services

The Role of a Funeral Director

At Heritage & Heritage our role is to help, guide and advise families on the numerous tasks that are required when a death occurs and to do so in a caring way that makes the process as painless as possible.

Heritage & Heritage Funeral Care includes:

  • 24 hours, 7 days per week personal attention
  • All hours transfer of deceased into our care at our Wantirna funeral home (Metropolitan suburbs and Yarra Valley area)
  • An arrangement conference with one of our experienced Funeral Consultants
  • Arranging with a crematorium or cemetery to set a time for cremation or burial and re-opening of an existing family grave or organising for family to select a new grave site 
  • Attending to church needs for all denominations
  • Advice on the placement of advertisements in newspapers and radio announcements
  • Arranging Returned Servicemen’s or Lodge services
  • Arranging to pay clients' disbursement costs on their behalf including crematorium or cemetery fees (Conditions Apply), press announcements and clergy offerings
  • Arranging floral tributes for the family
  • Collection of medical certificates of death and lodgement with the relevant authorities for the registration of death
  • Arranging for special medical certificates if a cremation is desired
  • Use of our modern private family viewing and lounge facilities
  • Transfer of the deceased from our funeral home to church, chapel or commencement place of the funeral. 
  • The attendance and attention of an experienced Funeral Director and our dedicated and courteous staff
  • The use of our custom built hearses
  • The provision of a nation flag if required
  • Collection and return of floral tribute cards
  • Memorial Book for mourners to sign
  • Bookmarks (up to 50 complimentary)
  • DVD recording of the Funeral Service (if held in one of our chapels)
  • Arranging for a certified copy of the death certificate
  • Professional mortuary treatment for preservation and natural appearance of the deceased.

Our Code of Ethics

Heritage & Heritage FuneralsTo place public service above all else and to be ever mindful of our obligations to act for the common good.  

To consider the welfare of those who come to us for aid as an object of first importance and to let neither their wealth nor their poverty nor any other circumstances influence the full and efficient performance of our duty.

To hold every confidence inviolate.

To refrain from price advertising that may embarrass those we serve.

To achieve a perfect understanding of every need and to do everything possible to alleviate distress.

To extend a sympathetic and capable service that fittingly expresses our sentiments and do this always, no matter how modest or large the funeral.

To maintain an establishment in keeping with the high ideals we have set and to equip and furnish it with due respect for privacy and comfort.